National Corn Chip Day 2022: Images, Wishes, Messages & Status

Hello Guys, Are you looking for National Corn Chip Day 2022, Corn Chip Day 2022 Wishes, Corn Chip Day Images, and Corn Chip Day 2022. Always keep brains active and that’s why January 29th is observed as National Corn Chip Day 2022. To celebrate this day with unique National Corn Chip Day Pictures, Wishes, Messages, Status & quotes to share with Family, Friends, and any Person.

National Corn Chip Day Activities

To Enjoy the collection of some of the finest  Corn Chip Day. Send your dear ones warm wishes on Facebook or WhatsApp on this wonderful day which puts your brain to work.

National Corn Chip Day Images

National Corn Chip Day History:

We have been celebrating National Corn Chip Day since at least 2002. However, we’ve not been able to identify the organizer of the celebration. this Holiday is a Food category in the United States of American.

National Corn Chip Day Wishes

  • The “original” corn chip is the Fritos Corn Chip, first sold in the 1930s…
  • “Frito Chili Pie” was invented in the 1960s by Teresa Hernández, a cook at Woolworth’s lunch counter in Santa Fe…
  • A corn chip is a snack food made from cornmeal fried in oil or baked, usually in the shape of a small noodle or scoop…
  • In some areas, it is popular to pour the chili into a bag of corn chips and eat the mixture directly from the bag…
  • Famous Last Words: “I just wish I had time for one more bowl of chili…”~Kit Carson American frontiersman
  • Charles Elmer Doolin bought the patent for “Fritos” from a Mexican man for $100…

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