Panda Day 2022: Date, Wishes Ideas, Messages & Greetings

Panda Day 2022: Date, Wishes Ideas, Messages & Greetings! Today is National Panda Day all over the world. Panda Day 2022 is also observed as International Panda. it is celebrated on March 16 every year worldwide. The day is observed to raise awareness of the dwindling numbers of Pandas in the world. Here talk to Panda Day 2022 History and more information Available in this post.

On this day, World Panda Day nears we share light on some of the interesting facts about Panda. If you are a panda lover to brace yourselves for some less-known things about these adorable animals. If you have any questions of animal lovers and environmental conservationists gather and participate in activities that are related to restoring and protecting the habitat of Pandas and improving their current situation.

Panda Day

 Panda Day 2022:

“As per a recent survey, there are over 1,864 Pandas only left in the world…”

“It is a known fact that Pandas are excellent climbers, but not many people know that they can climb trees from being 5/7 months old…”

“Not many people know that Pandas spend over 12-16 hours a day for eating the rest, they spend them sleeping….”

“If speaking about hours of eating surprised you, brace for another one. Pandas can eat 12-38 kgs of bamboo… wait for it…  

“If this doesn’t surprise you, then here’s one more panda’s poop more than 25 kilograms per day…”

“Pandas are omnivore animals however 99% of their diet constitutes of bamboo. They do sharp teeth and digestive tract of carnivores, but they eat bamboo mostly…”

“Pandas are not fond of living together. They live away from their families. Except living together during their mating season both female and male Pandas love to live alone…”

“It is a little-known fact that Pandas have six toes. They have an extra digit on the heels on their paws which help them grip their food (bamboo) better…”

“Pandas look cute all furry, and in black and white, but this isn’t their natural color. It is a little-known fact that Pandas when they are born, are fur-less, pink, and blind…”

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